About Us

With gratitude and infinite thanks for God's blessings and belief in the incomparable one who made production a source of honor, prosperity and pride for dear Iran.

Khazar Osare Varna Food Industry Manufacturing Company with Chi Chi Las, Monji and Grahans brands with two decades of experience in production and export, with young and experienced management, attention and insight to very high quality, commitment to work and compliance with all health principles In addition to production, he determined the need for the factory to use modern and mechanized devices, using the latest production technology and efficient workforce, and using the world's leading technology in the industries of tomato paste, pure, concentrates, non-alcohol drinks, preserves, sauces, pickles, soups, and all kinds of jams, and compote. This complex has been able to plan and manage all internal and external issues by using expert and experienced forces. This unit is considered as one of the largest food producers and exporters in the north of the country in the green province of Mazandaran.

Currently, the goal of Khazar Osare Varna Food Industry Company is to produce excellent and high quality products and insist on using the best quality products of the province, very strict monitoring and permanent control of the quality of incoming and produced products along with the use of packaging with the highest standards. , are considered as basic principles and are applied with sensitivity. Also, by producing tomato paste in the form of various packages according to the needs of the market in specific weights, it has been sent to the domestic and foreign markets. Among the countries that consume the products of this collection are: Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Oman, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Africa. With the aim of producing 100% natural materials, we hope to be able to take a new step in the development of our beloved country, Iran. What is considered as our pride and main capital is the movement towards attracting and increasing the satisfaction of our domestic and foreign customers.

The managers of this company, with the help of the God and by using the power of experienced personnel and by producing products with export and global quality, are determined to turn their gaze to foreign markets, in addition to creating jobs for the youth of this border and region. cause the production and economy of the country to flourish. It is hoped that by taking advantage of these facilities and the seriousness of the managers of this company in producing quality products, we will achieve this goal and finally make our Islamic Iran proud.