How can you import tomato paste from Iran? should know what kinds of tomato paste brix  suitable for your market ?

Manufacturer usually ready tomato pastes with different brix.

They are 36 – 38 for aseptic tomato paste , 26 – 28 brix for tomato paste and 18 brix .

If you want import tomato paste for first time , you should know what kind of it suitable for your market? If you don’t please connect us we guide you and introduce suitable tomato paste and peel tomato paste to you, for your market.

2.what types of packing of tomato paste do your distributers and wholesalers want?

Packing for tomato pastes  are different. And every company and merchant have difference inquiry.

We suggest these products in kinds of weight like (400 gr , 700 gr , 800 gr , 1250 gr , 1500 gr , 1600 gr , 2 kg , 4 kg , 5 kg , 9 kg , 17 kg , 220 kg , for aseptic)

Packing for these products can be in jar  and canned with easy open door and sachet and barrel . It depend what kinds of weight and packing do your customer like? you need import tomato paste with your brand or our brand?

It depends to you what do you need.

We can ready kind of tomato pastes and peel tomato paste with producer  brand .

Or if you want , we can ready it with white label that you can take your brand on it.

And We can ready it with your private label .

What do you need please tell us we help you have good choosing. many of tomato paste , you can sell for first import?


You have to know for first time how much tomato paste  you can sell in your market. If you are old importer of tomato paste and aseptic , peel tomato or sauce  so you know your market,

but if you are new in your market , you should forecast that how much tomato paste and sauce  you can sell in your market. much capacity have per container?

if you want to import tomato paste , you have to know how much you can take in per container.

Tomato paste in 400 gr  , Per 20 FT  container have 1850 pack (per packing have 24 tomato pastes canned)

Tomato paste in 800 gr  , per 20 FT container has  1850 pack (per pack have 12 tomato pastes canned). you need refrigerator  container or normal container for import tomato paste?

Usually expiry dates for tomato paste is 2 years that why you don’t need refrigerator container.

And they ready in canned and jar don’t need refrigerator container.

We send it to you with normal container. you can buy directly tomato paste from IRAN ?

YES you can buy and import tomato paste directly . because there are many supplier for tomato paste in Iran. Remember , you try to buy this products from merchants and companies that they know your market and their market . and they can guide you better from another person . Khazar osare varna export company is one of these companies that can supply your market and they can ready best packing and reasonable price  for your company.